Pia Sodhi and Tanvi Bhiwapurkar are the founders and designers of Sommer Home. The origin of which came from an understanding, as an Interior Designer and Architect (respectively), that the things we surround ourselves with make a huge impact on our everyday well being and influence us profoundly from the very beginning. So the need to create calm and simple designs as a gentle contrast to the distracting modern day life of kids transpired.


The absolute love and passion for the Nordic way of life began when we travelled to Denmark, last year. It was an unexpected life-changing moment. We discovered the Nordic lifestyle, design and cultures, as we made our way through Scandinavia. Today, we still cant get enough!


We were instantly drawn to their bright and cheerful faces and couldn’t help but think that this has a lot to do with how intervened their lives are with their design culture. It is a language that they speak from very young and are are constantly exposed to everything beautiful.


Our passion for Scandinavia is a definite drive to share and curate products that reflect the pure aesthetics of the culture. We love the simplicity, functionality and durability of Scandinavian design, in which we find inspiration for our everyday life.