Who knew just one Summer in Copenhagen could lead to ‘Sommer Home’

The radiant warmth within their space, the clean & functional designs in everything so basic, certainly lifted our spirits with beaming happiness.

Before we knew it, we were inlove!

Inspired! Warm.Happy.Inlove as the essence…

We call this positive feeling of being SOMMER.



Our universe is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by minimal aesthetics, enduring functionality and bold creative thinking.

Our ambition is simple: Spreading the feeling of being warm.happy.inlove through our designs.

We believe in the best for our kids. We believe in ‘Nordic Niceness’



We understand that our surroundings influence us profoundly from the very beginning;

so the need to create calm & simple designs as a gentle contrast

to the distracting modern-day life of kids transpired.

At Sommer Home, we contribute to a playful and imaginative environment for you and your child,

giving a sense of being warm, happy & inlove.